About Us


Our Vision

Here at Roxiespur, we aim to bring good, reliable information on different subject matter ranging from the electrifying moments on the soccer pitch to the heartbreaking moments in the movies. We bring the news to you. What drives us, is our passion for sports, particularly, soccer and the thrills we get. We’re also interested in the entertainment industry, the ups and downs, the lives of the celebrities and the fascinating lifestyle of different cultures and people. Our passion and teamwork drives us, pushing us to become a big player in the sports and entertainment industries.

Our Story

Our story began with one individual whose passion for football led to the creation of RoxieSpur. The fact that sports wasn’t given as much importance in Africa, Nigeria to be precise was a key factor. There would only be a few indigenous Nigerian sports website. It began as a simple blog giving information and football updates gathered from all over. Teaming up with his friends, he was able to expand and the simple blog turned into a fully functional sports website. Soon after the newly found team made a break into the entertainment industry with the now defunct Roxietunes blog. Now the entertainment aspect is integrated into the present website. Presently, we’re trying to get a lot of local content. To show the world that we’ve got what it takes to make it. This is our story. This is RoxieSpur.

Meet the Team

                                    Joshua Ezeala

Founder & CEO

                                   Williams Udoh

Vice President

                                 Abiodun Akinleye


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