Championship attendances slump in midweek with all games available on Sky

Championship attendances have already started to fall since Sky made all midweek matches available to watch on television.

An EFL deal with Sky mean fans can watch any midweek game via red button and streaming services but it appears to have already had a detrimental impact on numbers in stadiums.
According to research carried out by The Times, there has been an 8.8 per cent drop-off in attendances for the three rounds of midweek Championship games so far in the 2018-19 season.
All clubs naturally have a decline in numbers for midweek encounters but last season it came in at 4.5 per cent, meaning the drop off in fans through the gate for this campaign is nearly twice as much – a 4.3 per cent decline more.
There is, at present, no extra financial remuneration for clubs despite more of their matches being broadcast.
The current television deal for the Football League is worth £88million-a-year, divided between the 72 professional teams outside the Premier League. From 2019, it will rise to £120m.

An EFL spokesman told The Times that attendance figures will be considered as part of a review.
‘Upon introducing both the red button and streaming services at the start of the season, the potential impact on attendances was highlighted and was always going to be assessed as part of a wider review, which will include all fixtures up until the end of October regardless of when they are played.
‘Only after this process has been completed can we start to understand any effect on live attendances.’

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