(VIDEO) Bungee Jump Rope Breaks, Sends Man Plunging Several Meters To The Ground

The horrific moment a bungee jumper plunged to the ground at a Polish theme park, after his rope snapped mid-jump, was captured on video.

The unidentified man, 39, was left with severe spinal injuries following the accident.

In a video shared online, the jumper is seen being hoisted into the air on a crane at the Rady Europy theme park in Gdynia, Poland, on Sunday at around 6pm. He then began jumping but as his body flies towards the ground, his rope breaks and sends him crashing down.

Horrified witnesses can be heard screaming as he falls into an inflatable cushion with a loud bang. Thankfully, the cushion broke the man’s fall but he was rushed to hospital immediately after the incident.

Official Krzysztof Ku?mierczyk said the man did not have “visible injuries” but suffered multiple organ failures and a broken cervical spine. He is now recovering in hospital and must wear an orthopedic collar, local media reports.

Bungeeclub, which has been running the attraction at the park for 19 years, said there have been no previous similar incidents.

According to Metro UK, they said in a statement: “As the only company organising Bungee jumping in Poland, we use a professional parachute – the so-called ‘skokochron pillows’.

“‘Skokochron is one of such safeguards and in this situation was the only effective security. We’re working with the police.”

Watch the video below.

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