Lana Del Rey Releases ‘Norman F—king Rockwell’ Trailer: Watch

As Lana Del Rey gears up to release her forthcoming album Norman Fucking Rockwell on Aug. 30, she has released a trailer for the album.

The cinematic, three-minute clip, uploaded on Thursday (Aug. 1), starts out with a lo-fi shot of a sunset and a voiceover: “In the beginning, there was the sun. Nothing but the sun moving through the heavens. Covering the surface of the Earth were seas, and the seas were turmoil.”

Then Del Rey makes her entrance, riding a surfboard. “With civilization came the surfer, with his urge to conquer these moving walls of water,” the voiceover continues. Album credits appear on the screen, stating that the album was produced by Jack Antonoff and will feature videos from Chuck Grant and Rich Lee. (It’s also revealed that Del Rey and her buff surfing partner are on a set with a green screen.)

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We also get a taste of a couple of songs on the record, accompanied by more lo-fi clips of LDR. Teasers of “Doin’ Time,” “Venice Bitch,” “Mariners Apartment Complex,” and the album’s title track are all heard in the trailer, plus several unreleased songs.

Watch the full clip below.

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