Nicki Minaj posts X-rated topless Instagram photo

Nicki Minaj posed topless for an X-rated snap after telling fans her ex-convict boyfriend makes her feel “empowered.”

The 36-year-old rapper told how registered sex offender Kenneth Petty has given her a “different level of friendship and passion” before standing semi-naked beside a telly without her bra.

Minaj clutches her long mane with one hand and covers her nipples with the other, and is dressed in shiny tights and a corset.

She writes beside the snap, shared with her 98 million followers on Instagram: “Drip too hard. Got his d—k 2 hard. He gon f—k around & drown off this.”

Before her x-rated photo the “Barbie Dreams” rapper went on radio and told how Kenneth — who has a lengthy criminal rap sheet — has boosted her life “spiritually.”

It comes after she said the couple have sex “3 or 4” times a night.

She said: “If I’m being honest, spiritually, I’m at the best place I’ve been in a long time. I think who you have in your life determines how you feel spiritually.

“I’m happy now with or without a man, but it just so happens the n—a in my life, he’s known me since I was 14. He knows the real me, I don’t have to pretend.

“We can be around each other all day and not get bored. I know I say we f—king four times a day, but that’s not all we do. There’s a different level of friendship and passion I’ve never had before.

“So nurturing and knows just what to say to make me feel empowered.”

And the “Superbass” rapper praised God for saving her from a grisly end like “Amy Winehouse, or Marilyn Monroe.”

Speaking on her Beats 1 radio show “Queen Radio,” she added: “If didn’t believe in God, I wouldn’t be here still. I would be Amy Winehouse, or Marilyn Monroe. Both those women remind me of myself.

“You just never know. I’ve been in the healthiest place I’ve been in years. Mind, body, spirit.”

According to the New York State Division of Criminal Justice Services, Petty entered the NYPD’s Sex Offender Unit in 1994 for having “sexual intercourse” with a 16-year-old female.

Reports say the official conviction record states he used a “knife/cutting instrument (e.g., axe, ice pick, screwdriver, switchblade, Kung Fu stars, cane sword, etc.)” during the attempted rape.

He was sentenced to between 18 and 54 months in a state prison, but it’s unclear how much time he actually served. He remains a registered sex offender in the state of New York.

And Petty, who now works in the music industry, also spent seven years behind bars after he was found guilty of manslaughter in 2006, reports The Blast.

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