The Top 5 Most Popular Songs of The Year 2019

A lot of songs have been released by various artists this year and we’ve a chance to listen to the majority,so jere are top 5 songs over the year;

5. Chris Brown – Wobble Up

Chris Brown has been active this year with the feature on DJ Khalid’s album and another song with Drake but our top pick is Wobble up with Nicki Minaj and G-Eazy.

4.Nicki Minaj-Megatron

As we know Nicki have been trying in the music industry with the release of many songs but we are only interested in her latest release Megatron which topped US iTunes charts on the event of its release.

3.J.Cole-Middle Child

Over the years, J.Cole has been a force to reason with in the music industry with the feature with 21 Savage, Ty $ and other artists,he has been really active this year but we are interested in his Middle Child.

2.Ed Sheeran- I don’t Care

Ed Sheeran has been a bit quiet this year but this song with Justin Bieber was a hit and it occupied top spot on the Billboard charts at some point in the year.

1.Lil Nas X -Old Town Road

Possibly, his greatest hit, old Town Road in which he featured Billy Ray Cyrus,took the World by storm and lil Nas is capitalising on that with the recent release of 7 Ep which has major celebrity features.

Check the video down below:

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