Sanctions Griezmann could face if he doesn’t return to Atletico training

At half-past eight this Sunday evening, Antoine Griezmann should appear alongside his Atletico Madrid teammates and head towards Segovia to begin preseason training. However, the Frenchman isn’t expected to do that.

The question then becomes: what happens if Griezmann refuses to join up with Atletico? The club would need to launch an internal investigation before later involving LaLiga and the AFA, the footballer’s union.

It’s considered a serious breach of contract if a player refuses to join up with his teammates. If he fails to turn up the following day it would then become a very serious offence.

If he refuses to turn up today, Atletico could suspend him without pay for up to 10 days and fine him 7% of his current salary. As Griezmann earns over €100,000 per week, it would be 7% of that plus another 4% on anything above that. This could see the fine rise to around €80,000.

Should it last beyond a couple of days then Atletico could suspend him without pay for up to 30 days. He would be hit with a fine that is 25% of his salary and another 10% beyond anything over €100,000. In total it could reach up to €200,000 in total.

This isn’t usually automatically enforced as an investigation needs to be held by the club and the player has the opportunity to defend his actions. In the case it turns into a very serious offence (2-4 days) then the club has the right to suspend the player’s pay whilst an investigation is ongoing.

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