Moise Kean explains rap in front of a near-naked mystery ‘woman’ on his bed

Juventus forward Moise Kean temporarily caused confusion online as he posted a video from his Italy Under-21 hotel room in which he rapped in front of what appeared to be a naked woman on his bed.

With Italy preparing to take on Spain in Bologna as they host the U-21 European Championship, Kean’s followers questioned the woman’s identity.

But it wasn’t a woman on his bed. In fact, it was teammate and Roma star Nicolo Zaniolo lying on the bed in his underwear.

“It’s not a woman,” Kean explained with some humour. “Even if it looks like a woman, it’s Zaniolo.”

The Roma player himself confirmed that it was him in the video, joining in on the joke: “It’s me guys.”

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