Szczesny hails ‘determined’ team-mates Ronaldo & Mandzukic

Interviewed by the official channel of Lega Serie A, Juventus goalkeeper Wojciech Szczesny spoke about the first part of the season.

SEASON – ‘Juventus is a club that when you arrive you only have to win. This is the only thing that matters here. We have reached the first goal of the season, that is to reach the Champions League knockout stages, and we are ranked first in Serie A.’

‘We are better than a year ago, the results prove it, but it does count in May and win everything you need to take home. When we get out of the dressing rooms we have the only thought of winning. We all understand it’.

BUFFON – ‘I was very young when he won the World Cup in 2006 and was already a legend to Juventus. The last year I spent with him was a very useful year, not only as a goalkeeper but also as a man Gigi is a football legend, but above all a great friend… this remains forever. ‘

RONALDO – ‘We are talking about a player who has won everything. He is 33 years old now, I thought he could take it easy here, but he is a machine, you can see it in training. He takes everything seriously, he is determined, he wants to score with every shot to win every challenge in training. Technically he is a great player, his attitude is also very special “.

MANDZUKIC – ‘I think Mario is the kind of player that every team needs, he does a special job, he’s the first player to defend and the first to start pressing, he can run for 90 minutes, he never gets tired.’

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